What Should I Look for in a Hosted PBX Provider?

ip-telephony-service“What Should I Look for in a Hosted PBX Provider?”

Here are four of the important attributes you should look for in a provider once you decide that a Hosted PBX system is the best solution for your business:

Business Hosted PBX Should be Their Core Business
Many Hosted PBX providers sell to both the residential market and the business market. But some have only one business and provide Hosted PBX service to the business market and only to the business market.

Some providers made a conscious decision not to provide residential VoIP service because of several reasons: 1.) It does not provide the financial returns that he feels are necessary for a sustainable business model, and 2.) Residential VoIP service consumes valuable resources that he feels are better dedicated to providing a superior quality of service necessary in the business marketplace.

Experience and Track Record
Let’s face it, for most companies VoIP is a relatively new technology. Every day new companies emerge with announcements that they have decided to offer Hosted PBX service.

It takes time and hands-on experience to perfect solid, quality-assured business processes for Hosted PBX engineering, installation, software management, traffic management, network management, and troubleshooting.  At the same time that these processes are being perfected, it is also necessary for technical resources to acquire the necessary skills and experience to deliver quality service to the business market.

Choose the provider that has installed VoIP for more than 11,000 business customers
more than anyone else in the country.  Every major provider that’s launched a business-class Voice over IP product has come to us for field services and installation support, including Covad Communications, Level 3 Communications, ICG Communications and Cbeyond Communications.

VoIP has been its business since long time ago.
When it comes to Hosted PBX service, you should choose the one with capabilities, skills, and experience are unparalleled.

Network Management
A recent survey conducted by Emprix revealed that more than one-third of all VoIP service providers are unable to recognize they have a service quality problem until a customer complaint is received.

Before selecting a provider for your VoIP Hosted PBX service make sure they are equipped with the proper Network Management System (NMS) for their VoIP deployments, one that allows their Network Operations and Field Technicians to identify and troubleshoot problems without relying upon a complaint from you to trigger an action on their part.

Your Hosted PBX provider should have the capability to proactively monitor detailed call quality statistics including MOS, jitter, latency, and other measurements. State-of-the-Art network monitoring systems have advanced diagnostics linked to an online knowledgebases that automatically provide network technicians with troubleshooting tips. This capability dramatically reduces the effort and time required to identify the root cause of poor quality calls, and more importantly it reduces the time that your business is affected by the trouble.

Choose the provider that has one of the nation’s most advanced network monitoring solutions in existence today. The provider should use highly trained personnel and cutting-edge equipment and software to proactively monitor each of the customer locations. The provider should see a problem before the customers do and work quickly to resolve any issues.

End-to-End Service Responsibility
When considering a company to be your Hosted PBX provider, ask them one simple question: “Where exactly does your service responsibility begin and end?” Most Hosted PBX providers will tell you they provide end-to-end service, but what they really mean is that their responsibility ends at the demarcation point of your building where their service terminates and your inside wiring takes over.

From your desktop to the network is the provider’s responsibility, and he should take that responsibility very seriously.

Your provider should be not only the nation’s most experienced VoIP provider – but also the nation’s only true end-to-end IP provider. Which means you’ll have single-vendor accountability – from the cabling in the walls to the phones on your desk and the ongoing service and support you need. No finger pointing between vendors with you in the middle.

“What Should I do Next?”

I hope this information has been helpful.  This technology is not smoke and mirrors. It can actually save you money and improve your business processes. Research and choose cleverly!