VoIP Service Providers Comparison: CallnSpeak versus Skype

The gaining popularity of VoIP technology is calling in for a lot of competition. Initially, people only knew about Skype to use this state-of-the-art technology but today, a big VoIP service providing industry has been established and more providers are becoming a part of it. It would rather be very interesting to compare Skype and CallnSpeak and see who wins because CallnSpeak is a relatively newer VoIP service provider while Skype has been one of the pioneers in bringing VoIP technology to the homes of the people all around the globe.

Quality of Voice

As the VoIP technology has solely been created in order to bring better communication services by delivering a higher quality, therefore, comparing the quality of CallnSpeak and Skype is very important. All in all, both are really good in voice quality but Skype gets slightly unpredictable as it is a free of cost service hence, at times interrupted signals and bad reception become an issue. While for CallnSpeak this doesn’t happen. It is a paid VoIP service and it ensures the ultimate delivery of best quality signals all the time.

Value Added Features

Both CallnSpeak and Skype allow unlimited international calls, user-to-user calls, and outgoing calls. But there are many value-added features as well as basic features in which CallnSpeak surpasses in many ways. Like, CallnSpeak allows calling in 6 countries at cheap prices while Skype has fixed prices on all destinations. Furthermore, there are certain advanced features which are not found with Skype and only CallnSpeak offers. These features include virtual number facility, toll-free number facility, 24/7 customer support service, free apps for Android, iPhone, desktop and browser and much more.

Which is the better choice?

In order to make a choice between CallnSpeak and Skype, it is quite a challenging thing because each one of them has their own pros and cons. For example, even though CallnSpeak gives features yet the customer base and popularity of Skype is more worldwide and people are more familiar with it. Also, it just needs to get downloaded for free on the computer and can be used anytime. But as far as CallnSpeak is concerned, it is good in a sense that it abolishes a need of having the traditional phone service. It completes the need for all communication processes and allows the users to get the benefits of the service not just through the personal computer but from any compatible device like regular telephone set, VoIP telephone set, laptop or a Wi-Fi telephone set. This choice is certainly not available with Skype service.

CallnSpeak is ideal for those who wish to have one solution for all their communication needs and problems and want to remain connected to the world at the most affordable rates. Therefore, the choice is yours but CallnSpeak is certainly a more reliable and preferable recommendation as it allows the users to have a proper and formal VoIP enabled communication system. Get it soon for your family and household so that you can get benefitted from this latest technology too.