Hosted PBX Service

hosted-pbx-service-providerWhat is Hosted PBX Service?

Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX

Welcome to the Future-Proof Technology of Hosted PBX!

There is no better time than now to leave behind the costly and resource-intensive limitations of your traditional PBX or Key System.

Why purchase and maintain your own on-site phone system? With our business-grade service, you can focus all your strategic energy on running and growing your business, not on trying to run a small telephone company.

With Hosted PBX you can eliminate all those bulky, power-consuming cabinets and expensive technical resources! All that’s required to implement our service are special IP phones and high-speed Internet access.

Integrate all of your company’s locations together under one Hosted PBX system and reduce your up-front and ongoing communication costs, Look at the benefits that Hosted PBX phone service offers over traditional PBX systems, including:

Lower CapEx Costs with No Depreciation

With a traditional phone system, you’re paying nearly 70% of the system’s worth in depreciation the day you take it out of the box. Plus, you own a piece of equipment that you’ll have to one day replace. Put that money to better use by spending less up-front on your phone system with a Virtual PBX solution.
Reduced Maintenance Expenses

With our Hosted PBX, Moves, Add’s and Changes no longer require on-site changes by a phone vendor. Just give us a call, and you can add, change, delete or move users within hours.

Sized to Fit

The service lets you buy the exact number of users you need now – and add users only when you actually hire them. This helps you preserve capital in comparison to traditional PBX systems where you have to buy a system that will support the number of users you think your business will have 3 – 5 years in the future.
Unmatched Features & Functionality

Virtual PBX service provides advanced calling features not available with traditional phone systems. Features that will improve the way you control your calling, like Visual Voicemail, Unique DID’s, Find-Me/ Follow-Me, and Click-to-Call and Outlook Integration.
Greater Security And Reliability With Off-Site System Hosting

Hosted PBX service protects your company’s calling infrastructure the same way you protect your website and email – with specialized, secure off-site hosting. We provide security and redundancy so you don’t have to worry about the physical requirements and support of your phone system.
Future Proof Your Technology

Since you’re purchasing software-based phone service, not a piece of hardware, you don’t have to worry it becoming obsolete in a few years. We’re constantly upgrading and adding new features to our Hosted PBX service which we make available to you automatically.
Lead Your Business into the 21st Century!