Business Protection

Pbx-System-hostedHosted PBX Protects Your Business

VoIP Phone System Protects Business Communications During Disasters.

Even when the phone company’s phone lines go down and the power goes out, this service keeps a business’ communications running.

With hosted PBX system service, business owners and employees have a variety of ways they can choose to have their incoming calls handled during a crisis, including setting advanced call handling options to follow them wherever they go, using our Remote Office feature to set up shop at any working telephone number, or – at the very least – calls will be answered by a user’s voicemail or the main number’s Automated Attendant.

VoIP revolutionary service lets businesses protect their telecommunications the same way they protect their websites and email – by outsourcing the delivery and management of these services to secure, redundant hosting providers. Reignmaker uses the power of the Internet to deliver a disaster-proof phone system which is accessible from any Internet connection.

Local phone service is no longer delivered over phone lines. Whereas business owners used to derive phone service by purchasing PBX phone systems which they installed at their business’ physical location and then connected to phone lines, the service replaces by “pushing” phone service to a business over the Internet from our centralized, secure operations center in Tampa, FL. Since our service does not “reside” at the customer location, the conditions at the customer’s physical location do not adversely affect the operations of our service.

For businesses concerned with business continuation during the natural disaster or emergency situations, VoIP Hosted Phone Service provides key advantages over all other systems on the market today:

No Busy Signal:
“Always On” phone service capable of receiving, answering and routing calls during any type of disruption at the physical location.

Accessible from Anywhere:
Users have access to real-time, web-based control of call handling options from any Internet connection around the world.

Easy Remote Operation:
Users can easily turn any working telephone into their office phone, letting them the place, and receive calls from remote phones while showing the business line ID and billing calls back to the office.

Centralized Operations:
Since the VoIP service unites all business locations and remote employees together under one cohesive system, if a business has an office in an area affected by a disaster, they can easily direct one of the other office locations to handle all calls being made to the affected location. One receptionist can answer and transfer calls for all company locations.