Service Advantages


By lowering your overall telecommunication equipment and service costs. There’s no need to buy or maintain a PBX, so you eliminate technology obsolescence and equipment depreciation costs.

Plus, with services like free on-net calling, you’re sure to have more operating capital.

With Visual Voicemail, Unique DID’s, Find-Me/Follow-Me, Click-to-Call, Outlook integration, and other advanced features.

With unsurpassed VoIP experience and a network that offers a 99.99% uptime rate.

You also have the assurance that all your telecommunications needs are secure with the speed and dependability of our disaster recovery and emergency protection.

with a system that is customized to fit your needs today and flexible enough to expand as far as you want to go. Every feature we offer is designed to enable you to run at a faster, more efficient pace.

Remote Office

Through your web-based VoIP portal, you can assign your office phone number to any phone in the world. So if you’re traveling in London, you can set you hotel phone to ring when someone calls your office phone number. And making calls from your hotel phone will look to your callers like you’re calling from your office.

Online Call Manager

The web-based portal allows you to dial, manipulate, and transfer calls on your computer, as well as configure and change your personal call handling settings.

Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous ring feature acts as a personal locator to make it easy for people to find you. You can set up to 10 phone numbers to all ring at the same time when someone calls your office phone number – then answer the call on any of the ringing phones. This makes contacting you easier than ever since callers only have to dial one number to reach you.

Auto Attendant

Present a more professional image to callers and reduce the need for a full-time receptionist with the Auto Attendant. Incoming calls to your main number are answered by the Auto Attendant, which is fully customizable according to your specifications. Dial by name directories and “0”-out to Operator options are standard.

Visual Voicemail

Listen, forward and archive your voicemails as easily as your email. In addition to receiving voicemails on your telephone, a copy of each of your voicemail messages is forwarded to your Email inbox as mpeg files.