VoIP Phone Systems

ip-phone-systems-providerWaiting for Your Phone Guy to Show Up?

Then Now is a Good Time to Read about Our “No Waiting” VoIP Phone System

Having the VoIP Hosted PBX phone system really means “No Waiting”.

How do we do that? Simple. There is no PBX equipment to repair or replace because you don’t have any. No need to purchase, install and maintain a premise-based phone system. The phone guy is also out of luck when you need to add new users or take care of moves, adds, and changes. We’ll take care of that for you.

If you are ready for a technology change, then why not pick the best and most experienced provider in the industry?

Choose the world’s first End-to-End VoIP Service Provider of VoIP Phone Systems, we also have more experience installing and servicing VoIP Phone Systems than any other company in the industry.

Business-Class Reliability and Service

Hosted PBX lets you enjoy the most up-to-date products and services, flawless hosted phone service, end-to-end coverage for all installation and maintenance, and the benefits of a stellar, super-modern PBX. By maximizing the power of the Internet and the most efficient technology, the hosted PBX manages your VoIP Phone Systems over the Internet from one centralized, secure operations center. As for reliability, your provider should be a high-quality VoIP Service Provider with a network uptime rating of 99.99%.

Innovative and Affordable Pricing

Your provider should offer great rates and flexible pricing plans that will allow tailoring a VoIP Phone System to fit your unique business needs. The VoIP Phone Systems usually include:

  • Unlimited Local Calling
  • Long Distance Minutes
  • Directory Assistance Calls
  • Custom Auto Attendant
  • Advanced User Options


Regardless of the service plan that you choose, each basic user should receive his own unique phone number plus advanced features that can send employee productivity through the roof:

  1. Simultaneous Ringing
  2. Find-Me/ Follow-Me
  3. Remote Office
  4. Click-to-Call computer-assisted phone handling
  5. And, Outlook Integration!


Need even more advanced features to support Remote Employees or employees with more sophisticated communications needs? Then choose the provider’s optional Advanced User package that includes all the basic features plus Visual Voicemail, Online Call Manager, CommPilot Express, Simultaneous Ring, and Remote Office.