Soft Attendant Feature at Custom Hosted PBX Systems

what-is-host-pbxSoft Attendant Feature

A soft attendant feature is a computer application that replaces the need for a receptionist to have a bulky reception module. This feature is usually provided by some companies for free or as an additional feature for some fees. The receptionist has a visual representation of every employee, which lets them see instantly who is on the phone and who is not.   Transferring calls to anyone is easy – just click and drag.   Plus, since the application is accessed over the Internet, your receptionist can handle calls from any computer with an Internet connection.

Such feature rich call center applications are powerful tools that allow businesses to tie together employees across multiple locations under one unified call center.   Incoming calls are held in que and routed to the next available agent – no matter where they are!   Nightly reporting is available on both the agent and overall group level showing average hold time, average time spent per call, the number of minutes an agent was check-in/ check-out, etc.

Discounted Domestic Long Distance Bundles

Some providers offer discounted long distance bundles for heavy LD users.   Ask the provider about the packages available, it is better to choose the package. The package has a per-minute cost of just that is much cheaper than the other types of tariffs.  Ask your VoIP provider’s sales associate for more information.