Hosted PBX Service – Main Features, Work, Effectiveness

What is the Hosted PBX Service?

The Hosted PBX Service utilizes VoIP technology to eliminate your need to purchase, install and maintain a premise-based phone system. The system provider “host” your phone system functionality the same way the web hosting companies “host” your website functionality, providing a more robust, more secure, more economical solution than managing the equipment yourself.

How does the Hosted PBX Service work?

The Hosted PBX service uses a high-speed Internet connection to access our remote, securely hosted softswitch equipment. The system provider’ softswitch provides your business with the dial-tone you’ll use to make local and long distance calls – as well as the features such as voicemail, auto attendant, hold, forward, etc. that you traditionally receive through the equipment that sits in the phone closet at your business. PBX system replaces your need for traditional, analog phone lines and traditional premise-based phone equipment (PBX’s, Key Systems, etc.). Plus, since the service in completely Internet-enabled, it gives you the ability to access your office phone service from any internet connection in the world. You can also use your computer to “click-to-call” phone numbers to initiate and manipulate phone calls from your computer.

Will the PBX service protect my company’s communications during natural disasters/ power outages?

Yes. Since hosted PBX service is not dependent on the physical conditions of your office(s), it will work even if your business loses power. During these times, the remote, securely backed-up softswitch will still answer, transfer and accept calls. You can even access your control panel through any Internet connection to tell the service provider to route all incoming calls to your cell phone, home phone or any other phone number you want – instantly – to make sure that no matter what condition your office is in that your calls will always be answered.

How much does Hosted PBX Phone System Cost?

The hosted PBX service typically reduces a company’s total telecommunications expense 20-30%. Because every business is different, usually hosted PBX service companies customize a unique pricing plan for each company based on the number of employees, number of locations, and local and long distance call volume. So, you should ask for the special offer for you and up to your business needs.

Usually, there are packages to choose from – both with and without Internet access. The minimum package usually requires from 3 to 5 users and costs starts from $250 per month. This cost usually depends on several factors, but in general – it includes 5 advanced users, 500 minutes of domestic long distance each month, and one auto attendant.

Each company has unique needs, though, which is why the hosted PBX service always have one qualified sales associates meet with you to determine your needs and customize a solution that’s right for you. To meet with one of our sales associates, just contact the provider you want to work with.

Can I keep my existing telephone numbers?

Yes, you can keep any existing telephone numbers you have, including toll-free numbers.

How does voice quality of hosted PBX service compare to traditional service?

The quality of IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony is equal to traditional phone service. IP Telephony is often confused with lower quality service called Internet Telephony, where calls are routed over the open Internet. The hosted PBX service provider runs voice service over a private network, ensuring the highest quality of service.

What is the compliance with recent FCC guidelines for e911 service for VoIP Providers?

All FCC requirements and guidelines associated with providing emergency 911 services to customers.