Hosted PBX Service Equipment & Set-Up

What equipment do I need to purchase with the Hosted PBX Service?

Equipment needs are greatly reduced with the standard services by hosted PBX provider. Since most of the equipment needed to provide your phone service is provided by the hosted PBX provider. For nearly all of the customers, there should be IP Phones and a special edge device which helps the provider company to monitor your network and provide the highest possible quality of service are all you need.

What types of IP Phones Does Hosted PBX Provider Support?

Let’s mention here some of the supported IP phones, but pay attention that, there are many more IP devices, phones, etc. that have been issued since the time of this article, so, one should check himself while performing the communication with the provider.

Some supported IP Phones

  •    >> Aastra 480i CT Cordless IP Phone
  •    >> Cisco ® 7960G
  •    >> Cisco ® 7940G
  •    >> Polycom ® 301
  •    >> Polycom ® 501
  •    >> Polycom ® 601
  •    >> Polycom® 601 with Expansion Modules
  •    >> Polycom ® 4000 Conference Phone

What is covered by so-called “Network Assessment” service?

Some of the providers offer their customers the Network Assessment service, that plays a critical role in making sure our installations go smoothly. Once you decide you want hosted PBX service the first thing we do is send out one of highly trained technicians to each of your office locations to assess your network environment. During this visit, hosted PBX provider will check:

  • Cabling and Infrastructure – make sure that each data cable is up to the standards to transmit carrier-grade voice signals.
  • Network Readiness – perform many test scenarios on your network to mimic how the system service will travel through your network. The hosted PBX provider representatives will record packet loss, latency and other factors to determine if your network is ready for the service.
  • Bandwidth – if you have decided to use your own bandwidth solution, the provider tests that connection doing trace routes and latency testing to make sure it is sufficient.

What if I need cabling in my office?

The hosted PBX provider can provide any cabling you need – whether you’re moving into a new office that doesn’t have a single data drop or just need to add a few more cable drops for some new cubicles. Since the hosted PBX provider is a true “end-to-end” provider, whatever it takes to get your business up and running successfully on our service we can do.