Hosted PBX – Monthly Recurring Service Feature

What’s included in the hosted PBX provider monthly charges?

For one fixed monthly bill, all your telecom needs are met: phone system, maintenance, local calling, domestic long distance call and, if you choose, Internet service. It is great if your monthly bill completely eliminates many of the costs associated with traditional phone systems, including:

  • Long distance service
  • Local service
  • Internet service (optional)
  • Maintenance contracts on PBX’s
  • All Moves, Adds and Changes

What about fax machines, credit card terminals, and alarm lines?

You will need to verify if you future hosted PBX provider supports this feature. In another case, you need keep traditional analog phone lines if you have fax machines, credit card terminals and/or alarm lines, as these services do not work on some of the hosted PBX provider’s systems.

What are the international long distance rates?

Some hosted PBX providers have extremely competitive international long distance rates. To see these rates, contact your future hosted PBX provider’s sales assistant.