Hosted PBX – Bandwidth Solution for Business

What does “Voice Optimized” bandwidth mean?

A good PBX providing company provides “Voice Optimized” bandwidth. The “Voice Optimized” bandwidth has been specially designed to give voice traffic a priority over data traffic – all the way through the network to our switch. This ensures the highest quality of service possible.

Can I use my existing Internet connection with PBX service?

We recommend using our “Voice Optimized” bandwidth because of its higher quality and specific design for our VoIP service. You can also choose to use your existing high-speed Internet connection if you’d prefer. If you choose to “bring your own bandwidth”, we will test the quality of your connection during our network assessment to make sure it has acceptable latency and packet loss measurements.

How do I know what type of Internet connection is right for my business?

The PBX providing company only installs its service on business-grade internet connections – SDSL, T-1 or higher connections. The trained sales and technical staff of the PBX providing company will analyze your needs and recommend the right type of bandwidth for your business.

Versus the Competition

How does the PBX providing company provide superior service for less than traditional alternatives?

PBX providing company eliminates a company’s need to purchase and maintain a PBX, a very expensive piece of telecom equipment. Think of the Hosted PBX service like a web hosting service. It is cheaper, easier more robust, and more secure to pay a web hosting company to host your website instead of trying to buy and maintain the equipment to do it yourself. The same hold true for the hosted PBX service.

Why would I select this or that PBX providing company over a premise-based phone system?

The customers select PBX providing company over another premise-based phone system (such as PBX, Key systems or IP PBX’s) because of they:

  • Prefer not to purchase and/or maintain a phone system
  • Have multiple office locations they want to unite under one common system
  • Expect to move, expand or add locations
  • Desire to simplify their vendor management
  • Benefit from a built-in business continuity/disaster recovery solution
  • Value a redundant solution that is extremely reliable
  • Want to lower their initial and on-going cost of ownership (a typical client saves 20-35% over their previous solution)