Hosted PBX 101 – VoIP Service Provider

Looking for the Right VoIP Service Provider?

In our opinion, you don’t have to look any further.

After all, you should check whether the provider you have chosen is the world’s first End-to-End VoIP Service provider.

That’s a bold statement. But we can back it up. Not many companies in this industry will even say the “E-to-E” word, much less offer it to customers.

Judge for Yourself

What would you think if we said we take full responsibility for our service – from our network all the way down to your desktop? If you’ve looked around, that’s probably a shocking statement.

Check it out and you’ll find out that other providers don’t do this. They stop supporting service where it terminates into your office phone closet – called the demarcation point. Their approach has worked in the past with traditional phone systems when their service just plugged into a PBX.

Times have changed.

With VoIP Hosted PBX, your phone service is actually a software application that is delivered over your data network (LAN). That’s why you need a VoIP Service Provider that understands network architecture and is willing to support its service all the way to where it matters the most – all the way to your desktop!

Does the provider possess More Experience Installing and Servicing VoIP than any other Company?

Hove many Business VoIP installations did perform to date?
Hove many markets does he covers
Does he have the most advanced Network Monitoring equipment available today?
Does he have highly trained and experienced technicians to implement and maintain your service?
 Let the Experience to Work for You!

The provider should start by assessing your needs. The approach should be intuitive, individualized and based on the vast experience.

Working with you, the provider should create a plan that works best for your unique communications needs. The provider should understand that one size does not fit all.

Maximizing the power of the Internet, The provider should provide your phone service via the Internet from his centralized, secure operations center. The provider should provide highest-quality VoIP Service Provider with a network uptime rating of 99.99%. The provider should also provide specialized “Voice Optimized” bandwidth which gives voice traffic priority over data traffic all the way through the network to the switch, ensuring the highest possible service quality.

The provider should provide security and redundancy so you don’t have to worry about the physical requirements and support of your phone system. The provider should think of everything—with our intuitive web-based Call Manger, you just point and click to more efficient communications—no complex star codes. And, The provider should save you money.