Frequently Asked Questions

Which questions you should ask your future hosted PBX systems provider

  • Who is hosted PBX system provider?
  • Does the provider correspond to “End-to-End” Service Provider?
  • What experience does the provider have with VoIP and Hosted PBX solutions?
  • How long has the provider been in business?
  • Why should I trust my phone system to the hosted PBX provider?

About Hosted PBX Service

  • Hosted PBX – Overview
  • What kind of service does the Hosted PBX provider offer?
  • How does Hosted PBX Service work?
  • Will the hosted PBX provider protect my company’s communications during natural disasters/ power outages?
  • How much does the Hosted PBX Phone System Cost?
  • Can I keep my existing telephone numbers?
  • How does voice quality of the offered service compare to traditional service?
  • Is the hosted PBX provider in compliance with recent FCC guidelines for e911 service for VoIP Providers?

Hosted PBX – Equipment & Set-Up

  • What equipment do I need to purchase with the offered Hosted PBX Service?
  • What types of IP Phones does the hosted PBX provider support?
  • What is covered in the hosted PBX provider “Network Assessment” service?
  • What if I need cabling in my office?

Hosted PBX – Monthly Recurring

  • What are the hosted PBX provider monthly recurring charges include?
  • What about fax machines, credit card terminals, and alarm lines?
  • What are the hosted PBX provider international long distance rates?

Hosted PBX – Features

  • What’s included in the hosted PBX provider standard package?
  • What is the difference between the hosted PBX provider’s Advanced User and a Basic User?
  • Does the hosted PBX provider support Call Center’s?
  • How does the hosted PBX provider’s Auto Attendant work?
  • What is the hosted PBX provider’s  Visual Voicemail?
  • What is the hosted PBX provider’s Web-based Call Manager?
  • Does the hosted PBX provider offer Soft Attendant Console feature?
  • Does the hosted PBX provider offer Remote Office feature?
  • How does the provider’s Simultaneous Ring feature work?

Hosted PBX – Bandwidth

  • Does the provider offer “Voice Optimized” bandwidth?
  • Can I use my existing Internet connection with the provider’s service?
  • How do I know what type of Internet connection is right for my business?

Versus the Competition

  • How does the provider offer superior service for less than traditional alternatives?
  • Who is the provider’s primary competition?
  • Why would I select the provider over a premise-based phone system?