How the PBX Systems Can Be Implemented at Various Business Stages

Growing/Expanding Business Add staff, salespeople even remote offices all over the country and still enjoy seamless communications Add staff, salespeople even remote offices all over the country and still enjoy seamless communications. Enjoy features that unite all workers under one phone system. Multi-location National campus / 4-digit dialing Group directory Unified voicemail platforms (reply and […]

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Basic Factors For You To Pay Attention While Choosing Hosted PBX Provider Company

How should look like your future PBX system provider? A good provider is provider of End-to-End Voice over IP (VoIP) Communication service for small to medium-sized businesses across the globe or in your region locally. The provider should possess more experience selling and installing VoIP solutions to small and medium-sized businesses than any other company […]

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VoIP Phone Systems

Waiting for Your Phone Guy to Show Up? Then Now is a Good Time to Read about Our “No Waiting” VoIP Phone System Having the VoIP Hosted PBX phone system really means “No Waiting”. How do we do that? Simple. There is no PBX equipment to repair or replace because you don’t have any. No […]

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What Should I Look for in a Hosted PBX Provider?

“What Should I Look for in a Hosted PBX Provider?” Here are four of the important attributes you should look for in a provider once you decide that a Hosted PBX system is the best solution for your business: Business Hosted PBX Should be Their Core Business Many Hosted PBX providers sell to both the […]

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Hosted PBX 101

Hosted PBX 101 “A Hosted PBX will Save You Money, Increase Your Revenue, and Empower Your Employees to Work Faster, Smarter, and More Efficiently” Dear Business Executive, I’ve talked to a lot of business owners and managers who have a basic understanding of Hosted PBX solutions, but they’re still unclear about the Big Picture, and […]

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Some Useful Features You Can Get From PBX System Provider

Options that can significantly enrich your business and reduce costs due to the automatization of the everyday activities. Remember, you are entitled to ask you future provider for the features you feel will help to maximize the effectiveness.  Remote Office Through your Web-based portal (it may be called VoIP portal), you can assign your office […]

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Soft Attendant Feature at Custom Hosted PBX Systems

Soft Attendant Feature A soft attendant feature is a computer application that replaces the need for a receptionist to have a bulky reception module. This feature is usually provided by some companies for free or as an additional feature for some fees. The receptionist has a visual representation of every employee, which lets them see […]

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Hosted PBX Service Equipment & Set-Up

What equipment do I need to purchase with the Hosted PBX Service? Equipment needs are greatly reduced with the standard services by hosted PBX provider. Since most of the equipment needed to provide your phone service is provided by the hosted PBX provider. For nearly all of the customers, there should be IP Phones and […]

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Hosted PBX – Monthly Recurring Service Feature

What’s included in the hosted PBX provider monthly charges? For one fixed monthly bill, all your telecom needs are met: phone system, maintenance, local calling, domestic long distance call and, if you choose, Internet service. It is great if your monthly bill completely eliminates many of the costs associated with traditional phone systems, including: Long […]

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