Basic Factors For You To Pay Attention While Choosing Hosted PBX Provider Company

hosted-pbx-overviewHow should look like your future PBX system provider?

A good provider is provider of End-to-End Voice over IP (VoIP) Communication service for small to medium-sized businesses across the globe or in your region locally. The provider should possess more experience selling and installing VoIP solutions to small and medium-sized businesses than any other company in the country.

What does that mean “End-to-End” Service Provider?

Pay attention, whether the provider is the world’s first End-to-End VoIP Service provider, which means it goes beyond every other provider in the level of service provided. Typical companies only provide service and management of their communication products to what is referred to as the “demarcation point” – usually the point in the phone closet where their circuits come into your business. They take responsibility for the service from their network to that point. Anything inside your business past that point is your responsibility to make work with their service. In the world of Hosted PBX service, it is considered to be ridiculous. The integration of the Hosted PBX service creates between your computer network, individual desktops and telephones demand a provider that is confident enough in their service to support it every step of the way – all the way down to the desktop.

Search for the provider that is eliminating the traditional “demarcation point”, supporting the service from end-to-end. Furthermore, the provider can support the services that most other providers make you contract out yourself, such as:

  • Cabling/ Inside Wiring – any Hosted PBX service requires a CAT5e data cable at each workstation. If you need cabling to work with our service, search the provider who has many years experience of installing and testing network cabling.
  • Equipment Sales and Installation – it is better to find the provider who sells, install and maintain all of the equipment needed to make its service work in your network environment. Some Hosted PBX providers do not do this and will put you in touch with an outsourced vendor to complete this portion of the job.
  • T. Support Services – a good provider possess the I.T. help desk services to support LAN issues that may arise that could impact the service. NOC technicians provide 24×7 remote assistance for any help-desk need.

What experience should the provider have with VoIP and Hosted PBX solutions?

A good provider shall show you the portfolio of more than 11,000 VoIP solutions to small and medium-sized (SME) business customers installed across the world or in the country locally. This experience gives the provider a tremendous insight into how to integrate our solution into the networks of SME customers.

How long should the provider be in business?

A good provider should have many years of experience in the hosted PBX system’s business. During that time, he should have gained a solid focus on the Voice over IP (VoIP) industry. It should have worked with nearly every major telecommunications company that has introduced a VoIP product, including Cbeyond Communications, Covad Communications, ICG Communications, Level 3 Communications, and others.

Why should you trust your phone system to the hosted PBX provider?

A good provider mainly focuses on the Hosted PBX service. While some other companies are introducing product line extensions to their existing service to “test the waters”. Provider’s  focus and commitment is matched only by his experience in providing best-of-class Hosted PBX solutions to the customers. So, check the provider’s portfolio, read the feedbacks about the provider you are going to start cooperation with and select smartly!